Nairobi to Cape Town

Ever since I can remember, Africa has fascinated me as a destination because of my interest in flora and fauna. Traveling there and witnessing some of it with my own eyes has always been a dream – and this trip taking me to a few of the countries on the continent, is one that I have been looking forward to for years. 

Here you will find tales of the journey starting in Nairobi on the 4th of October 2018 and ending in Cape Town 21st of November 2018. The tour was with the South African company named Nomad Africa Adventure Tours.


Arriving in Nairobi (Thursday 4th October, 2018) After a bumpy flight which wasn’t too pleasant, we finally set our foot on Kenyan soil. The heat (27 degrees) slapped us in the face as we disembarked the airplane. Getting through the customs with our pre-ordered E-Visa was a breeze, though we had been cautioned about it … Continue reading Kenya


The Serengeti Excursion Begins (Sunday 7th October, 2018) This day has really felt like 6 days crammed into one because we have seen so much! Not in a bad way, it’s just unbelievable that all that has happened has just taken one day. We had a nice breakfast and then 5 of us drove off … Continue reading Tanzania


‘The Warm Heart of Africa” (Friday 19th October, 2018) There’s a 1 hour time difference between Tanzania and Malawi so when we woke up at 5:30 there was already daylight and we woke up to the Lake Malawi beach view, which was nice. As we drove off, we learned that they grow a lot of … Continue reading Malawi


Fair warning: pictures of dead animals on this page. Fat Lions and a Walk in the Park (Tuesday 23rd October, 2018) I‘m currently sitting in the elephant hide in the camp, writing this. In front of me is a pond/mud hole with a hippo and two ducks chilling in it. There are also lots of … Continue reading Zambia


Besting the Zambezi (Saturday 27th October, 2018) Today was the day that three of us from the group bested the first 19 rapids on the Zambezi river, white water rafting-wise. We packed our stuff up in the morning because we had to switch to another hotel, then we got picked up for our little rafting … Continue reading Zimbabwe


The Missed Sunset in The Pans (Botswana) (Monday 29th October, 2018) According to our guide we had an early morning but we didn’t even have breakfast until 7:40. The birds also got up a lot earlier so most campers were up by 6 or something. Then we drove off and had a quick stop by … Continue reading Botswana


Fair warning: images of dead animals on this page. A Day’s Drive Through Namibia (Sunday 14th November, 2018) This morning we had to leave at 8:00 from the hotel. I couldn’t find my wallet so I spent my time searching every inch of our hotel room instead of having breakfast (I did manage to find … Continue reading Namibia

South Africa

A Walk in Cape Town (Friday 16th November, 2018) There was no such thing as an alarm clock today, though early in the morning there was some commotion in the hallway. Some lady screaming at a guy who kept trying to tell her to be quiet while still arguing. Kinda made you wonder a bit … Continue reading South Africa