The travels I have done in Madagascar are very limited, but my time there came about as part of my International Tourism Management and Consultancy bachelor. I went to do a placement/internship in Antananarivo, Madagascar, with TaMáNa Tour Operator back in 2014. From there, I travelled to the rainforests in the eastern mountain range a couple of times, explored the surroundings of Antananarivo, and once went on a week-long driving trip from Toliara back up to the capitol.

These tales are therefore not from a coherent journey, but rather smaller fragments of experiences undertaken in different times during my 4 months of living there back in 2014. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.



Arriving in Antananarivo, Madagascar (Thursday 13th February, 2014) My father took us (meaning my mother, father and I) to Billund airport – we only took a wrong turn once! Yeah, we do not drive that way often.. The trip then went from Billund -> Amsterdam -> Nairobi -> Antananarivo. At least I can tell that … Continue reading Antananarivo


A Trip to Royal Hill of Ambohimanga (Saturday 1st March, 2014) Well, today is different seeing that I have been on a little trip. I have ventured outside Antananarivo to Ambohimanga (Blue Hill in English), the UNESCO World Heritage site here. M wanted to bring me there, and her and her friend picked me up … Continue reading Ambohimanga


Note: The journal here is from 2 separate visits to the Andasibe area. Eastbound (Saturday 15th March, 2014) This weekend the deal was to go to Andasibe, the rainforest in eastern Madagascar between Antananarivo and the east coast, with my colleague, M. Her boyfriend would come with us which meant we could go there in … Continue reading Andasibe

Toliara to Antananarivo

Flying South to Toliara (Friday 11th April, 2014) I have been lucky enough to be permitted to join a tour, which one of M’s friends is a tour leader on. It’s a flight south and then a drive back up again. We left early in the morning, flew to Tôlanaro and from there to Toliara. … Continue reading Toliara to Antananarivo