With a MSc in International Tourism Management and the underlying curiosity about tourism and the multi-faceted aspects tourism influences and is influenced by, I have an interest in travel and the world. Paired with a minor in Heritage Management and a special interest in Natural Area Tourism and how tourism can contribute to preservation and conservation, I hope to one day work with this and contribute to more fair, equal and useful tourism to specifically natural heritage areas.

My personal interest, carried with me from early childhood, in traveling is to observe flora and fauna of other places. Landscapes, plants and animals of all kinds fascinate me the very most. Seeing and taking part in how different cultures live their day-to-day lives, their social systems and cultural heritage, and how these are shaped by the world around them are other things I like to take time to reflect on in the evenings of a journey.


Me on Table Mountain, Cape Town. I smile, sometimes.

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Contact: estnatengsted@gmail.com


The top picture is taken in Madagascar, somewhere on the road between Ranomafana and Antsirabe.